For enhanced effectiveness of rural development-oriented actions

The Hub originated from an observation

In West and Central Africa, rural development is considered everywhere as a priority and instrumental in the fight against poverty.
Nevertheless, due to lack of well-defined policies and consultation, actions are very often implemented in a disorganised manner: sometimes several organisations do the same thing in the same place, and worse, under contradictory programmes. Due to lack of information and communication, the successes are not well known and the failures are often repeated.
Such dissipation and scattering of resources and energies undermine actions undertaken.


The Hub’s goal is to assist West and Central African stakeholders (States, Inter-governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisations and Development Partners) to promote coherence in rural development programmes worldwide.
The Hub provides advisory support, expertise information and promotes consultations on issues concerning rural development and food security.

Our services

The hub’s activities are centred on six themes (agricultural policies, land policies, climate change, bioenergies and rural development funding) .

The mains servives are :

- Information: to list and share development experiences
- Advice: to provide free high-level expertise
- Dialogue: to establish links between the rural sector agents

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