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Boosting the agricultural sector in Africa: 13 countries represented in Conakry

The objective of this first meeting is to develop the first phase and to disseminate new and improved technologies, while the second meeting aims to intensify the dissemination and adoption of improved technologies in the priority agricultural sectors of the beneficiary countries. program.

As part of the assessment of progress in implementing the program WAAP, the World Bank carried out joint support missions in the seven countries of the program: Benin, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Togo and the executive secretariat of CORAF / WECARD. It was at the end of these evaluations that the decision was taken to organize in Conakry the first meeting to summarize the results achieved by these first missions. Support of the year 2017.

Almamy Kalla CONTE

29 may 2017

Source : guineelive.com

Crédits: AK-Project