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Les implications du changement climatique sur les ressources en eau dans le bassin de la Volta

McCartney, Matthew ; Forkuor, Gerald ; Sood, Aditya ; Amisigo, B. ; Hattermann, F. ; Muthuwatta, Lal. 2012. The water resource implications of changing climate in the Volta River Basin [Africa]. Colombo, Sri Lanka : International Water Management Institute (IWMI). 33p. (IWMI Research Report 146)

Résumé (par les auteurs) :

The Volta River is one of the major rivers in Africa. In this study, a dynamic regional climate model (CCLM), a hydrological model (SWAT) and a water resource model (WEAP) were used to provide an assessment of one downscaled ‘middle impact’ climate change scenario on the performance of existing and planned irrigation and hydropower schemes. The results indicate that, by the middle of the twenty-first century, altered climate is likely to undermine the technical performance of existing and planned reservoirs, which will, in turn, affect development outcomes. Future water resources development in the basin requires interventions that bolster resilience and water security. Much more systematic planning of water storage, greater cooperation between the riparian states and consideration of innovative approaches to water storage are needed.

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