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ECOWAS CET will reduce many of Ghana’s agricultural tariffs

A comparison in the latest WTO Trade Policy Review (TPR) of Ghana’s current tariffs with the agreed ECOWAS common external tariff (CET) shows that tariffs on for many agricultural goods will fall. The Ghanaian average applied tariff for agricultural goods in 2013 was 17.3%. Under the ECOWAS CET, which comes into effect on 1 January 2015, the figure is 15.6% (Table 3.4). But there will be bigger changes for specific commodities. Tariffs will fall on cotton (from 10 to 5%), cereals and cereal preparations (from 16.2 to 13.5%), dairy products (from 20 to 16%), and coffee/tea (from 20 to 12%). Meanwhile, tariffs for meat products and sugar/confectionery will rise, leading to a modest overall increase in the average tariff for all agricultural goods.

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