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Regional workshop for launching the 2nd generation NAIP and RAIP drafting process Abidjan – 30/31 May -1 and 2 June 2016

The Abidjan workshop is a fundamental stage in launching the 2nd generation NAIPs and RAIP drafting process as part of the Zero Hunger by 2025 objective. Given the various processes currently underway (SDGs, Malabo, COP 21, AGIR, etc.), this ECOWAS-led process is intended as a framework that facilitates the integration of all these converging initiatives, both at national and regional level, so as to simplify its governance and thereby improve its efficiency.

The aim of the regional workshop is to discuss and validate the 2nd generation NAIPs and RAIP elaboration process and initiate its implementation, closely involving the ECOWAS Member States, the various categories of stakeholders and all regional and international technical and financial partners. In that context, the Abidjan workshop has six specific objectives:

- Register the regional approach in the Malabo continental process led by the African Union and implemented by the NEPAD Agency;

- Draw lessons from the joint review of the agricultural sector for the design and implementation of the second generation NAIPs and RAIP;

- Deepen reflection and define a strategy for better integration and efficiency of public policy instruments;

- Amend and adopt the draft methodology guide for the 2nd generation NAIPs and RAIP development process;

- Adopt a joint plan in support of ECOWAS countries and Commission involving the different technical support institutions;

- Adopt a roadmap for the West African process.

Crédits: AK-Project