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Accaparements de terres : SOCFIN sous le feu de critiques en Sierra Leone, au Ghana et au Nigeria (En)

« A six-month investigation by Gideon Sarpong, Elfredah Kevin-Alerechi and Audrey Travère has uncovered the extent to which the relentless exploitation of rubber and palm oil resources by Socfin is fueling deforestation and displacement of indigenous populations in Nigeria and Ghana. »

Source : iwatchafrica.org, décembre 2023, Socfin exploitation of rubber & palm oil linked to deforestation & human rights abuses in Ghana & Nigeria

« A palm Oil producing company in Sierra Leone, Socfin has been accused of a land grab of up to 349 hectares belonging to the people of Pujehun in Southern Sierra Leone. The grab has left hundreds of locals in abject poverty as no meaningful farming and other agricultural activities take place. »

Source : nightwatchnewspaper.com, 07/11/23, ‘SOCFIN Grabs 349 Hectares of Land’ -Parliamentarians

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