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The 8th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) Partnership Platform (PP); 3 – 4 May 2012

Objective : The overall objective of the 8th CAADP-PP is to contribute to effective implementation of the CAADP agenda within and across the various levels in Africa. Specifically the 8th CAADP-PP will ;

(i). Facilitate constructive consultation, dialogue and exchange among senior level representatives of African governments, development partners, the business sector, farmers’ organisations, and civil society organisations with a view to agreeing on key implementation issues and proposing strategies of how to sustain the relevance and propel the momentum of CAADP implementation ;

(ii). Review lessons and good practices as well as challenges in the implementation of the CAADP, showcasing and exchanging concrete experiences on programming and investments stimulated by CAADP (and the investment plans) at national and regional level ;

(iii). Facilitate advocacy and building of a common understanding for increased buy-in from countries that are yet to sign compacts and formulate investment plans ;

(iv). Provide a forum for mutual-review of progress with CAADP implementation based on the overall CAADP M&E indicators and the Mutual Accountability Framework.

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