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Regional Food Security Reserve in the ECOWAS region: Towards operationalization

Seek solutions to support ECOWAS in the implementation of its regional strategy for food security storage based on the complementarity between three lines of defense to address food and nutrition crises. This was the goal of a workshop that took place from May 8th to May 9th at the Hotel Massaley.

Organized by the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food through the Food Security Storage Support Project in West Africa, the opening ceremony was chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture. Agriculture, Mr. Lamine Dembélé.

It was also a question of presenting to all stakeholders and validating the capitalization study of good management practices for food security stocks. Experiences in managing food security stocks have been capitalized to enable the development of guidelines for a regional code of conduct on good inventory management practices.

According to the representative of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Lamine Dembélé, the regional food security storage strategy is based on three lines namely: the line of local stocks, set up and managed by local organizations or communities , the line of national security stocks managed by the states and finally, the line of the regional food security reserve.

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