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Publication : "Transnational Dimensions of Conflict Between Farmers and Herders in the Western Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin"

« This paper draws on the expertise of African researchers and practitioners to examine the transnational dimensions of farmer-herder relations across the Western Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin. As conflicts between these two communities escalate in the region, it is vital for all stakeholders to coordinate and advance sustainable solutions to mitigate and prevent further violence. This brief finds that demographic and ecological changes are straining already-stretched governance capacities in many areas of West Africa, and proposes a number of recommendations for international, regional, and national actors. »

Télécharger l’étude (Search for Common Ground, 22/04/20, 1,6 Mo)

Veille : Vincent Basserie - Support technique : Hub Rural
Appui financier : Comité Technique "Foncier et Développement" de la Coopération française

pdf (1.6 Mo)

Crédits: AK-Project