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Note d'orientation : "The United Nations and Land and Conflict" (En)

« Developed under the leadership of the GLTN and UN-Habitat, in collaboration with a Core Group of UN agencies including DESA, DPPA, DPO, FAO, OHCHR, PBSO, UNDP, UNEP, UNHCR and UN-Women, the Guidance Note is significant. For the first time, the UN system is developing a coherent approach to address land issues to prevent, mitigate and resolve conflicts. »

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GLTN, 15/03/19, Guidance note of the Secretary General : The United Nations and Land and Conflict

GLTN, 15/03/19, Guidance Note of the Secretary General on “The United Nations and Land and Conflict” : A more coherent engagement of the UN on land to sustain peace

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