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Nigéria - There is need to monitor govt spending on agric – Ukaoha

THE President of the National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTs), Ken Ukaoha, has said that only a few people are aware of the commitments made by their governments in the agriculture policy instruments.

Speaking at a one day training and capacity- building workshop organised for journalists covering agriculture by the body in collaboration with Trust Africa in Abuja recently, Ukaoha said little wonder nobody appears to be putting governments in check or holding them accountable leading to continuous underdevelopment and aggravation of poverty.

“This training was conceived against the backdrop that the agriculture sector remains one of the strongest sectors for job creation, economic diversification and poverty reduction; and regrettably, the sector has not been receiving adequate attention particularly in terms of making front burner reportage. “NANTs believes that for the media to give agriculture its rightful place, solid understanding of the relevant policy frameworks is fundamental. Such understanding will help media practitioners in demystifying and effectively communicating these instruments and the contents therein to the wider public.”

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