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Niger: AfDB funds local development support project in Diffa region

The Diffa region to the far south-east of Niger is one of the areas most affected by cycles of drought, characterized especially by dune encroachment, increased silting in agricultural and stock breeding areas and a steady deterioration of the natural environment.

The project

In order to preserve and improve the organization of agricultural and pastoral activities in the Diffa region, Niger authorities sought African Development Bank support for an agro-pastoral development study for the Diffa region in the early 2000s. This study, through a participatory approach, formed the basis for the design of the Diffa Region Local Development Support Project (PADL-Diffa), which aims to contribute to food security and poverty reduction by improving the conditions of livestock production and increasing agricultural output in the Diffa Region on a sustainable basis. This project, whose implementation was planned over six years, was approved in October 2003, with an ADF loan of USD 23.3 million.

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