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Loi sur les droits fonciers au Libéria : deux clans revendiquent le même titre foncier coutumier (En)

« This disarmingly peaceful forest area in Liberia’s far north Tappita District has been the scene of conflict of one form or another for decades. But since 2014 it had enjoyed some peace as two clans here, supported by a US-backed project known by the acronym PROSPER, agreed on a boundary line between them. But that peace has been upended again as the Krahn dominated Gayea Clan, and the Gblor Clan, predominantly of the Gio, square off over one clan’s claim for customary title as allowed in the 2018 Land Rights Act. »

Source : FPA, 20/08/21, Liberia : Nimba Clans Square Off Over Customary Land Title Claims

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