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Libéria : 5 communautés exigent le paiement d'un solde dans l'accord foncier avec Equatorial Palm Oil dans le comté de Grand Bassa (En)

« October 6, 2016 was a happy day for Morris Beah and other townspeople of Gmenee, Wesseh Village, Paye Town, Morb Town and Kampala, which roughly translates “transit” in the Bassa language. They gathered in an old palm oil mill at Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) to receive compensation for their crops. The predominant rubber farmers accepted the money from the Malaysian company to expand its plantation on their land in the District No. 4. (...) But more than four years after, the five communities allege they were cheated in the deal. They say the company still owes them, and they demand retroactive payment. »

Source : FPA, 19/05/21, Liberia : Farmers Demand ‘Balance’ Payment In Land Deal with Equatorial Palm Oil in Grand Bassa County

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