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Lancement du thésaurus de la gouvernance foncière LandVoc 2.0 (En)

« The Land Portal Foundation is glad to bring your attention to a new and improved version of a powerful information tool called LandVoc, which is referred to as LandVoc 2.0 ! In these difficult times, access to accurate and timely information has become an essential service and it is our collective responsibility to make sure that information is kept out of lockdown. A controlled vocabulary and linking tool, LandVoc encourages the transparency and accountability that our lives and livelihoods are dependent on. »

Source : FAO, 19/05/20, Launching the Land Governance Thesaurus LandVoc 2.0 : Keeping Data Out of Lockdown

Veille : Vincent Basserie - Support technique : Hub Rural

Crédits: AK-Project