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La stratégie de la BAD pour l’agriculture se concentrera sur le programme de résistance à la sécheresse

Food security challenges in the horn of Africa, regional drought resilience building programme, climate change and green development, were among key issues discussed by experts in the African Development Bank’s Agriculture and Agro-industry Department (OSAN) during their recent meeting in Tunis.

Presenting the department’s 2011 balance sheet, its director, Abdirahman Beileh, highlighted prevailing challenges and opportunities in the sector. He emphasized the need to continue improving the agriculture portfolio, as agriculture is the main source of livelihoods in Regional Member Countries (RMCs). Mr. Beileh pointed out that the implementation of drought resilience projects in the Horn of Africa will be one of the Bank’s main challenges in 2012. He further specified that the AfDB Group has pledged a USD 300-million development package to help the region. “The programme is intended to put in place long-term resilience building in those countries suffering from drought,” he affirmed.


Crédits: AK-Project