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ICRISAT, member of the CGIAR, is conducting agricultural research for development in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. ICRISAT implements research programs in ways that benefit smallholder farmers enabling them and their families to go beyond subsistence farming to produce surpluses that can be stored and sold to markets, paving the way for prosperity in the drylands. It follows a soco-economical process called inclusive market-oriented development (IMOD) on which ICRISAT’s strategy is anchored. ICRISAT develops 4 main research programs : i) Resilient Dryland Systems (Reducing vulnerability to drought and climate change while increasing crop diversity and value) ; ii) Markets, Institutions and Policies (Harnessing development pathways for inclusive prosperity) ; iii) Grain Legumes (Raising and securing legume productivity for health, income and sustainability) ; iv) Dryland Cereals (Increasing dryland cereal crop productivity to help end hunger).

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