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Forum - Free movement and security of goods in West Africa: what strategies for trade fluidify ?

Dear members and partners, the Foods Across Borders Program in West Africa (ProFAB), is pleased to announce the launch of its first discussion forum on Free Movement and Security of Goods in West Africa. The objective of these forums is to Foster the sharing of experiences and information on trade in West Africa in general and on trade of agricultural products in particular. The forum will remain open from 1st till 31st December 2016. On the basis of the contributions, a summary note will immediately be produced and shared with the participants of the forum.


In West Africa, there is an increase of checkpoints along the trade corridors hinder free movement of goods (loss of time, illegal payments). Very often, government officials explain this checkpoints increase increase by the need of ensuring the safety of people and their goods. According to you, what strategies can be used to address at the same time these two issues: free movement and security of goods?


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Une bonne sensibilisation et une bonne information des acteurs du commerce régional sur les textes réglementaires est préalable... Des efforts sont à faire dans ce sens

12 2016 - 07h58
By michael


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