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Des lacunes et des contradictions dans la nouvelle loi foncière du Liberia selon le Sustainable Development Institute (En)

« The Land Rights Law (LRL) is a milestone legal instrument, but if “gaps” within the law are not bridged and its “contradictions” to the Community Rights Law (CRL) of 2009 with Respect to Forest Lands not addressed, the law could undermine Liberia’s land reform process. This is according to two policy briefs by the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) released last Thursday in Monrovia ».

Liens :

FPA, 11/03/19, Liberia : NGO Urges Actions over ‘Gaps’ and ‘Contradictions’ in Land Rights Law

SDI, fév. 2019, SDI Briefing Paper 07 : Practical Potential Conflict and Implementation Challenges for the CRL and the LRL

SDI, fév. 2019, SDI Briefing Paper 08 : Implementing The Land Rights Law Of Liberia : A Critical Test For Stakeholders

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