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Concertation régionale des porteurs d’initiatives sur l’adaptation de l’agriculture ouest-africaine au changement climatique (21-23 novembre 2013, Abidjan)

The objective of the regional consultation meeting is that promoters of regional initiatives take ownership of and fully contribute to the process of establishing the Alliance / Action Group for the coordination and convergence of interventions on adaptation to climate change in agriculture in West Africa in the context of the ECOWAP/CAADP implementation.

Specifically, it aims to:

  • Discuss the conclusions and recommendations of the diagnostic / evaluation study of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in West Africa conducted, for the occasion, by Africa Lead and CILSS/INSAH on behalf of ECOWAS and with the technical support of Hub Rural (“ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE IN AGRICULTURE IN WEST AFRICA”);
  • Review and amend the introductory note to and agenda of the future regional big workshop of national and regional stakeholders in adaptation to climate change in agriculture in West Africa, to be held in February 2014;
  • Define with the promoters of regional initiatives the roadmap for the preparation of this regional workshop, including by specifying the role of each member of the Support and Monitoring Group in its organization;
  • And identify the contribution of technical and financial partners in the organisation of the regional workshop in February 2014.

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