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Validation Workshop of the Regional Capacity Building Strategy for the Implementation of ECOWAP 2025, March 23-24, 2018, Lomé, Togo

The overall objective of the workshop is to review and validate, as appropriate, the Stakeholder Capacity Building Strategy document for the implementation of ECOWAP 2025. Specifically, actors will make an in-depth review of the orientations, priorities, capacity-building actions of stakeholders in the implementation of ECOWAP; and (ii) make recommendations for the development of the first action plan of the stakeholder capacity building strategy for the implementation of ECOWAP.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of ECOWAS Member States, ideally the PNIASAN focal point, professional agricultural organizations; civil society organizations and the private sector; regional institutions; of ECOWAS: DADR, ARAA, EBID, Directorate of the Environment, WAHO, CEMR, CRSA
; and the Rural Hub.

On the initiative of ECOWAS and FAO, with the technical support of Hub Rural, a workshop on framing the process of formulating this strategy was organized from 16 to 18 October 2017 in Sally, Senegal. The objective of the workshop was to brainstorm on the orientations and terms of reference of the formulation of the strategy of capacity building of the stakeholders to the implementation of the regional agricultural policy. At the end of this workshop, three major results were achieved: (i) the strategic framework and a summary logical framework of the capacity building strategy were defined; (ii) a roadmap and formulation modalities have been established.

A second methodological workshop facilitated by the FAO and the Hub Rural and bringing together the national and regional stakeholders involved in the implementation of ECOWAP was held in Cotonou in December 2017. It allowed to: (i) define the capacities required for the effective and efficient implementation of ECOWAP 2025; (ii) review the capacity of stakeholders in the implementation of ECOWAP 2025; (iii) identify capacity building needs for the implementation of ECOWAP 2025, (iv) agree on actions to initiate for capacity building of stakeholders in the implementation of ECOWAP 2025.

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