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Proceedings of the discussion : Achieving the potential of intra-regional trade for food security and nutrition in West Africa

The objective was, on the one hand, to bring out the potential for and the obstacles to intra-regional trade in West Africa and, on the other hand, to gather proposals for strategies to take up the challenge in order to improve food security and nutrition in this region.

In these circumstances they tried to answer the following questions:

1. Which of West Africa´s agricultural products are exported out of the continent while regional internal demand is not being met? And why?

2. Which agricultural products are poorly distributed, in short supply in some countries and wasted or thrown away in other countries in West Africa? And why?

3. What are the physical obstacles to the implementation of regional regulatory provisions on trade of agricultural products in West Africa?

4. How can the fluidity of agricultural products exchanges in the region be improved, especially with Nigeria, the largest consumer market in West Africa?

Download the proceedings of the discussion


Crédits: AK-Project