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6e Forum Mondial de l’Eau - Partenariat pour le renforcement de la sécurité de l’ eau en Afrique du 12 au 16 mars 2012

The African Development Bank, in collaboration with the African Union Commission, the African Minister’s Council on Water and the Government of France, is hosting a conference on water security in Africa in the context of the 6th World Water Forum.

The event will bring together over 300 participants, including African finance and water ministers, as well as development partners to discuss ways to accelerate the development of the water sector in Africa.

The conference will give special focus to the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative, and the African Water Facility, two Africa-led initiatives that have made a significant contribution to the water sector. Both have done well promoting the attainment of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals and the African Water Vision 2025, mobilising resources and changing the lives of millions of people across the African continent.

The main purpose of the conference is to mobilise the support of development partners and governments in achieving basic water security in Africa and providing services for rural areas. It will also serve as a platform for exchanging information on progress till now and on the strategies for accelerating implementation to achieve the 2015 Millennium Development Goal targets.

The conference will also provide an opportunity for African governments to reconfirm their commitments to build water infrastructure and prioritise the provision of basic water and sanitation services targeting those in need, particularly in rural areas where the need is greatest.

Crédits: AK-Project