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Vue d'ensemble de la réforme foncière au Ghana : réalisations et prochaines étapes

« The critical role of land for economic growth, social development and poverty alleviation is not in dispute (World Bank, 2003, 2011a). The terms on which land is held, used and transferred have important consequences for economic growth, the distribution of wealth and alleviation of poverty. In other words, the nature of land administration, defined as the processes of determining, recording, and disseminating information about tenure, value, and use of land when implementing land management policies (United Nations, 1996, p. 14), affect the incentive to invest and to use land in a sustainable manner ».

Lire la suite : ghanabusinessnfinance.com.gh, 09/01/18, An overview of the land administration reforms in Ghana : – Achievements and next steps (Part l)

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