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Supporting gender-sensitive climate research (CCAFS brief)

Le CCAFS a publié une note technique sur l’appui aux recherches climatiques sensibles au genre, intitulée "Supporting gender-sensitive climate research".

Voici la présentation qu’en fait le CCAFS :
"In many developing countries, female farmers comprise up to half or more of the agricultural workforce. However, their lack of access to key agricultural development technologies and information not only undermines their ability to make a living, it also hurts the entire agricultural sector and its ability to adapt to and mitigate climate change. A better understanding of the realities of gender inequality in the agricultural sector will provide greater opportunities to produce responses to climate change and food security challenges that benefit men and women farmers more equally."

Accéder à la note (en anglais, 2 p.)

Crédits: AK-Project