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Joint Review of the Senegal Agricultural Sector 2017: The actors in conclave from 1 to 4 October 2014 to refine the first version of the report.

With the technical support of the Rural Hub, the retreat convened by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment (MAER) of Senegal through the DAPSA brought together all the representatives of the categories of actors concerned by development. the agro-forestry-pastoral and fisheries sector, namely: state structures, civil society organizations through the GDSP, agricultural research and technical and financial partners.

The main objective of this retreat with the country team was to make amendments and comments on the first version of the report of the Joint Review of the Agricultural Sector 2017 (JSRA) on the one hand; and on the other hand to prepare the consultations with the stakeholders of the agricultural development before the big review planned towards the end of November 2018. Specifically, the participants examined the draft JSRA proposed by the Rural Hub. , and take stock of the state of the information / data collection and collect the additional information / data identified; then they defined strategies for collecting missing information / data. Finally, they agreed on a roadmap for the next steps leading up to the major review and validation workshop of Senegal’s NAIP second generation.

Indeed, the organizers took advantage of this opportunity to also present the National Plan for Agricultural Investment, Food Security and Nutrition of Senegal (NAIP); and the so-called mobilizing programs to accompany it.

The Joint Review of the Agricultural Sector (RCSA), now in its fourth year, is one of the crucial mechanisms for expressing mutual accountability. The latter has become a component, an essential element of the process of operationalizing public policies in general, and agricultural in particular. It makes it possible to make each stakeholder aware of the major role it is called to play in achieving the objectives defined by the Heads of State in Malabo in 2014.
In implementing this process, the state of Senegal benefits from the financial support of the partners AfricaLead and FAO.

Crédits: AK-Project