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Publication à redécouvrir “Climate Change Adaptation Strategies – Water Resources Management Options for Smallholder Farming Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa” (MDG Center & Earth Institute, 2009)

Ngigi, Stephen (2009). Climate Change Adaptation Strategies : Water Resources Management Options for Smallholder Farming Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Study report by The MDG Centre for East and Southern Africa, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York.

Résumé (par les auteurs) :

This study assesses appropriate water resources management strategies for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to ensuring that agricultural production can withstand the stresses caused by climate change. It identifies a set of principles to guide improved agricultural water management strategies and programs in Africa incorporating sustainability and equitable development, water allocation strategies, risk reduction and diversification, and interactions and trade-offs with health and environmental objectives. It calls for increased attention and investment to enhance adaptation, especially by the vulnerable smallholder farmers, and for increased investments to support the resilience of smallholder farmers to cope with climate change and variability.

The report is divided into six chapters. Chapter 1 presents an overview and background of the problem, the study objectives and expected outputs. Chapter 2 focuses on the study methodology, in particular data collection and analysis, as well as the scope of the study. Chapter 3 includes an assessment of current trends and past experience with particular focus on water resources and their utilization in Africa. A review of climate change adaptation strategies is presented, as well as an overview of current practices in terms of pilot projects, research agenda and governance interventions. Chapter 4 discusses some of the feasible interventions identified in Chapter 3. Chapter 5 highlights governance issues, with emphasis on existing policy and institutional frameworks, and necessary reforms to enhance adaptation to climate change. Chapter 6 summarizes the study’s conclusions and recommendations.

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