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FOOD SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Maputo, 14 years after ...

On 10 July 2003, 53 African Heads of State met in Maputo and had solemnly pledged to devote 10 per cent of their budget to agriculture. Fourteen years after this commitment, only seven countries have honored this promise.

Once again, our continent offers a not very bright picture of its governance. The decisions taken in Maputo were freely based on an alarming report on the situation of agriculture in African countries.

The picture is distressing. And to pretend to ensure food self-sufficiency in our countries, it is imperative to reverse the trend, this mean to review the allocation of budgetary resources. On average, and during the period 1999-2009, the share of the budget allocated by Francophone African States to the promotion of agriculture was less than 6%. The peasant surplus value thus finances the bureaucracy.

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